Special Thanks

These are just some of the people who have contributed and helped making Sven's SudokuPad (mobile, desktop and web) possible. I can't thank you enough!

Cracking The Cryptic

A very special thanks is due to Simon Anthony and Mark Goodliffe of Cracking The Cryptic, of taking an early chance on a random tweeter claiming he might be able to improve their tool a bit back in July of 2020.

You can find out more about Cracking the Cryptic on:
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These generous folks help keep the lights on and servers spinning:

Special Thanks



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Special Contributors

Mark Langezaal (MarkTekfan / MarkTekfan#8907)
  1. Undo statestack bug fix (v0.59.1)
  2. Improved diagonal drag selecting (v0.63.0)
  3. Redo/select bug fix (v0.64.0)
  4. Inspired/encouraged the multi-colour mode (v0.66.0)
  5. UI animation for dialogs (v0.111.0)
  6. Smart corner marks (v0.114.0)
  7. Pause dialog (v0.125.0)
  8. Fixes to undo/redo states (v0.137.0)
  9. Timer pause on browser/tab hide (v0.138.0)
  10. Letter tool (v0.142.0)
David Clamage (Rangsk / https://github.com/dclamage)
  1. Inspired the f-puzzles format import (v0.68.0)
  2. Contributed conflict checker functionality (v0.69.0)
  3. Un-spoil solved puzzles & fix solution check bug (v0.140.0)
  4. Add uniqueness check to f-puzzles imported killer cages (v0.148.0)
  5. Larger fpuzzles import size and better default meta data (v0.154.0)
  1. Rules popup
  2. Various bug reports
  1. Suggested CSS print style
Vidar Madsen (vidarino / vidarino#9152)
  1. Edge lines in pen tool (v0.132.0)
  1. Custom style import from f-puzzles data (v0.139.0)
Memristor / purpl
  1. Improved f-puzzle import for fractional positions (v0.158.0)

About The Author

This Sudoku web app was created and is paid for and constantly improved by Sven Neumann. He also publishes the companion mobile/desktop app "Sven's SudokuPad", which helps support the server and development costs of the web app.

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